SOLIDA Microporous Coverall

SOLIDA Microporous Coverall is made to face the high risk of contamination from disease, liquid, gas and other microparticles during works. Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. chooses the best micrporous material to give the best protection for user and avoid the risk of hazardous materials. Made from anti-liquid splash material, give the extra safe feel for the […]

Anti-Splash Surgical Facemask

Tested by NELSON Lab USA, Maesindo Surgical Facemask is trusted to used in surgery. Anti-splash and filters air strongly, this facemask can protect the user in maximum level. TYPE IIR SURGICAL FACEMASK Maesindo Indonesia ltd. is focus to medical and surgical protection for paramedics, who work in high risk of contamination everyday. With the special […]

Kitchen Worker’s Headwear

Hotel’s kitchen and medium-high class restaurant require hygiene and cleanliness, therefore the workers need to be equipped with protective apparels.

Type 6 Microporous Coverall

Skin protection from dust, other particles and liquid-splash with Microporous Coverall. Suitable for any industries, also available with Anti-Static material. MICROPOROUS COVERALL Liquid resistant disposable fabric made from PE laminated PP spunbond is a suitable material for any industrial, especially for working area with liquid and dust in the air. The fabric is made special […]

Disposable Coat for Industrial

Fulfill the requirement of hygiene and cleanliness in every factory, to protect the products and working place from outside contamination, especially from human body. PP VISITOR COAT Every single factory applies the cleanliness and hygienic standard in working and warehouse area. The worker or any visitors must wear the protective apparels as a strict requirement. […]